FAQ Photo CurledQuestion: It’s holiday time – why should I give it up?

Answer: It is holiday time, and this is very valuable to you. The truth is that once you start using the techniques you learned in this seminar, you’ll probably have a lot more free time on your hands. (Most students also agree that they had a more enjoyable time at the seminar then they otherwise would have had elsewhere.)

Question: Does it get boring?

Answer: We’ve never known anyone to get bored. The seminar is high powered and fast moving, and one of the most consistent comments from students at the end is that they would like the duration to be five or six days instead of four. In other words they want more.

Question: Who else will be there?

Answer: Other students just like you. They may come from the next street, or from across the state. We normally keep students of the same age together, and there is usually a similar numbers of boys and girls. You will all have a lot in common.

Question: Is it worth the money?

Answer: It is very difficult to put a value on a seminar like this. The same seminar for business people costs three times more, but the best way to look at it is “What would it cost me over the years if I missed out on my career choice by a few marks?” Many students say it is the most valuable thing they have ever done.

Question: Haven’t I done all this at school?

Answer: This is quite common, but usually disappears within the first few hours. If on the first day you find it’s not for you, you can leave with a full refund. We’re pleased to say this is extremely rare.

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