Fantastic presentation and I have definitely come out with an extremely useful new set of skills. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. E. Doyle, Kenmore State High School

This is the best course I’ve ever taken. I wish I did this years ago. M. Warren, St Peter’s Lutheran College

A fantastic seminar with enjoyable presentations and effective material ☺ S. Dinan, AB Paterson College

The course was highly beneficial and covered a wide range of topics that I will continue to use greatly throughout the rest of my schooling. R. Gillingham, Southport State High School

The course was great. I learnt a lot. The teacher was great. Blake McGuiness, Blackwater State High School
It was fun. I learned a lot. I met new people. I will definitely use the strategies in my studies. K. Halls, Aquinas College

This was an amazing course! I noticed a large improvement in my mental ability and I have met a number of cool people. If I have another chance I would repeat this course. Would recommend to anyone. S. Lymbery, Kelvin Grove State College

This course was very well put together and with great material. It has really helped me in getting motivated for my final two years of school. The tools it has provided will be very helpful in achieving my goals. A. Sincari, Kings Christian College

I really enjoyed this seminar and have learnt so much from it. I will use the strategies taught in this seminar for the future. J. Waddell, Trinity College

This course has changed the way I look at studying. J. Hopkins, Marymount College

The course and material is instrumental in ensuring that teenagers excel in life. Very useful and will surely broaden my horizons. P. Meeves, Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar

Very good course! It helped a lot. Thank you. J. Willis, Coomera Anglican College

Great course! It has really helped me to prepare for year 12 and now feels a lot less daunting. C. Robbie, Trinity Lutheran College

The seminar was very good. It has helped me to understand things better, more than double my reading speed, and get me really motivated. A. Webster, Emmanuel College

This was a fantastic seminar and served as the proverbial “boot” that I needed. The work done on memory, motivation and time management will be invaluable to me in the upcoming year. Thanks. L. Perry, Brisbane Girls Grammar

The seminar really helped me to see my future and start planning for a successful life. I enjoyed the course content and I treasure the new skills and knowledge I have acquired. K. Smith, St Peter’s Lutheran College

Amazing. Really helped my confidence. T. Powell, Anglican Church Grammar School

I didn’t know what I was expecting from this course but from Day 1 I knew the course was worth it and the sources were excellent. I enjoyed it. Very interesting. O. Evans, All Saints Anglican

It was very interesting and engaging so I would recommend it. E. Boittier, Nudgee College

The course was better than I thought it would be and it was a lot of fun. Thank you. A. Le, St John’s Anglican College

Extremely valuable. Can’t wait to use it when I get back to school. J. Smith, Chanel College

Very useful and helpful. I am glad I did this before starting senior. I am more confident now. T. De Nino, Cannon Hill Anglican College

The course was helpful and inspiring. The presenter was so enthusiastic which made the days interesting and actually fun! G. Hopkins, Marymount College

Second year running and still worth every minute. S. Roehrs, St Peter’s Lutheran College

I had done the program before and had found it really helpful in improving my grades with less effort and stress. I will tell my friends about it! A. Smith, St Peter’s Lutheran College

Interesting and informative seminar. Very helpful! J. Terry, Our Lady’s College

The course was well-presented and easy to keep interested and was very fun. B. Young, Robina State High

Very helpful techniques and strategies. Thank you for all your effort! ☺ K. Green, Canterbury College

The course was interesting and informative. I had a great time learning new things and meeting new people, which I will carry into my future. A. Pengilley, St Joseph’s College

I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar and I hope I can apply the information in the future. H. Read, St Peter’s Lutheran College

I more than doubled my reading speed and have learnt a lot of techniques that I should be able to use to improve my school results. L. Pickard, Shalom College

Value for money! I found out certain things that were bringing down my grades and basically wasting my time. J. Winter, Brisbane State High School

This course is useful for both high school and uni students and would be beneficial for all students to do. E. Stewart, Good Counsel College

This course was great. It gave me lots of easy new ways to do things as well as meeting new people. Thank you very much. T. Gribbin, Mackay Christian College

This course is very worthwhile! A lot of good techniques taught and many friends made ☺ K. Innes, Hillbrook Anglican School

It was so helpful! Thank you so much. I can’t wait to apply this to my school and general life. G. Day, San Sisto College

The seminar was very good. It helped me get an academic medal. (2nd time attendee). S. Pangonilo, St Joseph’s Nudgee College

Very good program and very much worth the time and money. A. Cherupallil, Kelvin Grove State College

Great course and I got a lot out of it. S.Fleming, Brisbane Grammar School

Overall it was a great course. I am excited to use the new techniques and more confident for school. R. Maksoud, St Francis College

The structure of the seminar was great. It turned out to be better than I imagined. N. Cooper, Lockyer District High School

A very well-presented seminar packed with the best tools to be successful in school and life! H. Zheng, John Paul College

Great course, great material. Helped a lot. M. Godwin, Faith Lutheran College

Very good course. Well worth it. M. Higgins, Padua College

Very good. Would do it again. S. Adcock, Ipswich Grammar School

This seminar was extremely good. I could not believe how effectively I was able to memorise things easier. The understanding and summarising were also very good. M. Payne, Ipswich Grammar School

Good work ! Best thing I’ve done all holidays. M. Drew, Boonah State High School

Great course! I highly recommend it. R.Vandeleur, St Mary’s College

Very helpful. Helped increase my overall academic levels. L. Pramberg, Brisbane Boys College

Well presented. The presenter was an excellent public speaker for the duration of the course. S. Efstathis, Anglican Church Grammar School

A great seminar. Much more informative than I thought it would be. S. Bartlett, St Joseph’s Gregory Terrace

A very effective course. Also, presentation-wise, it was enjoyable. N. Laidlaw, Villanova College

This course was great! I’ve learnt so many things which are going to prepare me more for my future studies. Thank you. S. O’Reilly, Southbank Institute of Technology

This is exactly what every student should do. It was worth every cent! I recommend this program, especially to Year 11 and 12 students. P. Villena, Indooroopilly State High

This will help me greatly in the future for Year 11, 12 and uni. R. Malone, Villanova College

It was a great course that was very worthwhile. I recommend it for everyone who has the opportunity to attend. L. Francis, St Rita’s College

Very good course. Excellent and will use all things learnt for my schooling. J. Littler, Ipswich Grammar School

Very good seminar. Well-presented and I feel ready and pumped for school already. J. Tunks, Mueller College

This course has been a great eye-opener for me and has shown that I can improve my grades. M. Sirmais, Mueller College

The information and material presented not only taught me but also changed my view on many school-related topics. E. Speck, Sheldon College

It was great. I think every school should implement a course like this. E. Raunik, Emmanuel College

My mum made me do it but once I got here I thought it was great and very useful. I can’t wait to try it out at school. R. Vaux, Loreto College

I loved the course and it beat staying at home doing nothing. S. McLeod, St Peter’s Lutheran College

This course would be useful for just about everyone. The material covered can be applied to most things you would encounter in life. Kendall, QASMT

This is a VERY helpful course. The skills that I have learnt will definitely help me in my schooling years and beyond. I was really blown away at how much my reading speed improved! M. Christian, Villanova College

Overall, a great course. I came home each afternoon amazed at how much more I had learnt. S. Andrews, Cannon Hill Anglican College

This course was amazing. I have achieved so much and I never knew I had the potential for such knowledge! J. Newey, St Paul’s Bald Hills

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Definitely worth taking the time for. D. Quill, Marist College Ashgrove

Honestly worth the money. I learned so much and I made so many friends! Can’t wait for school to start! R. Maher, Kenmore State High School

I feel much more confident about going into Grade 11 now that I know effective, worthwhile strategies. M. Beltramelli, St Rita’s College

I learnt so many great tips to help my learning and met heaps of people. R. Jones, St Aidan’s Anglican Grammar School

Doing this course has made me more motivated and I feel I can achieve anything. J. Flint, Ipswich Grammar School

All very good and effective. Will definitely use these skills. Anon.

Thanks to the seminar I now feel ready and better equipped, academically and emotionally, for the year ahead. Year 12 is no longer scary! E. Robinson, Somerville House

Overall, a great course with techniques and life skills which are very important in everyday life. The presenter was very motivating. André, CSHS

Excellent. All material could be easily related to. Very clear and all objectives reachable. Very informative. W. Hart, Marist College Ashgrove

Loved it and I got a lot out of it. H. Warner, Kedron State High School

Although I already knew a few things, the course taught me how to be successful in LIFE, not just in studies. I would recommend the course for anyone (successful/unsuccessful), as it is enjoyable and life-fulfilling. S. Kitagawa, John Paul College

I never thought my reading would improve as much as it did. I’m looking forward to starting school…Thanks! G. Kiss, The Scots PGC College, Warwick

I really enjoyed this programme as it gave me more confidence going into Year 12 and a headstart for my study for the exams. L. Pleace, Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School

Very good course and did a lot for me. E. McMahon, Loreto College
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